london, osborn street, image tilted
we've had a {work}week from hell, though some folks find 30° onwards pleasant. i'll be clear about one thing : i HATE hot weather. after one hot italy and one hot holland i had a moderate england, but now this! i hate climate change if this is what it is.
{not my view from the window, i'm afraid....}, london, whitechapel road
i'm typing along with a view from my workroom, aka as studio. i haven't been drawing, i've been sitting here, taking it all in. the neighbours from the apartment flats, the late sunshine brimming off the oxeblood red rooftiles, the pale blue evening sky. 
london, kew gardens

i'm recuperating on the old legs from all the walking and sighseeing i've been doing last weekend. the kitchen in the summer resident hall i stayed in in whitechapel, had a few typical rooftop views too and plain white skies to begin with. 
london, bethnal green museum of the childhood

 on a few occasions i sat down at the table in there and drank my morning coffee sketching momentos. these drawings are all the trace i've got of staying right there, in london's east end, at that kitchen table. i can get sentimental like that. ... 
london, old montague street, sketching from the kitchen table

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london, brick lane

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art challenge NEW THEME | ROOM {with a view}

brussels, grote zavel
 as some of us got together last summer, we found ourselves gravitating towards a summer theme that would connect us, ranging from la-la-la-ing songs to letting our thoughts wander over ways to tie creativity into our daily lives.

☼ .... and the living is easy ♪♫♪♪

night train to italy, july 2016
i got back from the holidays a while ago and still feel in a certain summery swing. keeping my studio windows wide open is a plus. sorting out the last batch of july photos is almost a fact [via facebook ☻]

it's all about the space

ariane and barbara concentrating
how lucky are we, when we visit patrice at her home, we find her studio squeaky clean and in wait for us, hungry lionesses from the north and south, as we bring our unraveling (from the summer heat) and burning (from excitement) wishes... that lucky! 

rijksmuseum amsterdam

rijksmuseum amsterdam. poster with marten and oopjen. patrice, barbara and ariane walking towards the museum
almost four hundred years after rembrandt van rijn painted the opulently clad aristocrats marten soolmans and oopjen coppit, the amsterdam rijksmuseum is showing both life size portraits for the short period of just three months. 

just show up

i started painting the 100+ years old sideboard in the beginning of july
 if blogland lies dormant still, then there's another rattling thingy in my cupboard : renovation. yesterday morning, as i pulled myself through lesson 7 of a running program, i promised myself recovery on my renovation planning also. 

doing it my way, not the italian

BRESCIA - view from via del castello
 in deciding to write about my journey to italy and back, i have to be frank on a few things. i started with great hopes and a view on a relaxing trip, seeing inspiring scenery along the way. i did stock up on culture and variation, however rather haphazardly.

tanti saluti da italia

when you read this i have sailed. 
i will be roaming from town to town in the veneto. 
depending on italian wifi, 
i shall be waving a most heartfelt salute from padova
a presto
♥ x ♥

AC | blue. like the deep sea

what with the busy-ness of the past few months, i've neglected blogland. again! but strapping up for a party in blue, i cannot resist. okay, so i missed the ° {tea} party. here's my contribution to blue{s}... 

drawing | sky

kingfisher blue. off-white fat clouds floating by. even, when the sea seems to reside up above {not shown here}. it happens. once i drove into work and the sky shone unearthly mountain solid. i felt as if i was driving through the french alps in belgium.